Anne Marie Hoogland


  • 2013年
  • ショートステイ
  • リサーチ活動

オランダ生まれ。アンヌ=マリー・ホーグランドは2010年からNDSM Werfの代表に就任。それ以前はアムステルダムにある西部都市ガス工場文化公園で有名なWesterpark地区の市長を務め、また国際的コンサルティング企業でIC評価と管理の分野に従事していた。

NDSM Werfは1年を通して多くのショーやフェスティバルを主催しており、年間10万人の来場者が訪れるアムステルダムの新たなイベントスポットとして注目を集めている。国際的な企業やNGO団体も、NDSM Werfの持つ土地再開発の潜在的可能性や市内中心の立地環境、またブランディング化を目的として、この場所を選んでいる。

NDSM Werfはかつて造船所だった場所であり、技術革新が次々と行われたアムステルダムの旧工場地帯として、オランダだけでなく世界的にも造船業やものづくりで知られた場所だった。

The NDSM wharf hosts many pop-up spectacles, events and festivals throughout the year. With about more then 100.000 visitors a year it is the new hotspot and event playground for Amsterdam.
Moreover international companies and NGO’s chose to be at this place for reasons of branding, central position in the city and renewal potential. The space of the wharf, the incredible fantastic view on the city and the nearby water make it a place that awakens the fantasy of people: only for the reason of open air & space.
The wharf is the base of the largest European creative breading place for artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs.
With about 250 ateliers and the potential to double this amount, the wharf has a no capacity problems in the near future and has many options for development.

The NDSM wharf is a former industrial site of Amsterdam, well known in The Netherlands and the World as the place where shipbuilding and innovation went hand in hand.
After the closure of the wharf in 1984, the wharf was desolated and began to fall to destruction. Until at the beginning of the 90ties creative entrepreneurs & artists brought a second life to the NDSM Wharf.

Nowadays the wharf is an important area in the development plans of the city of Amsterdam, becoming the nautical centre of the Netherlands, the best festival playground of Amsterdam and the development of real estate for living and working.

Anne Marie Hoogland is heading the NDSM Wharf Foundation since 2010. Before she worked as a mayor in the City borough of Westerpark with the famous area of the Westergasfabriek / Amsterdam and she worked in international consultancy firms in the area of IC Valuation and Management.