Maik ter Veer


  • 2011年
  • ロングステイ
  • 滞在制作

Maik ter Veerは、芸術とテクノロジーの祭典Robodockの創始者と芸術監督である。溶接工、発明者、魔術師、ギタープレイヤー、美食家で空想的理想主義者。彼は奇抜な平行世界を、荘厳で工業的なイベントの中で構想し、再生成する。


Maik ter Veer is the initiator and artistic director of the arts and technology festival Robodock. Welder, inventor, Magus, guitar-player, bon-vivant and utopian, he envisions whimsical parallel realities and recreates them in awe-inspiring, industrial events. A child of Amsterdam's squat-culture in the nineties, he is an effervescent advocate of the liminal 'free zones' as platforms of artistic and urban innovation. To him, cities must be organic, messy, spontaneous and serendipitous in order to be interesting and retain their regenerative power. Untrammeled artistic expression at the fringe of the city is of seminal importance for its happiness and health.